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This community is for the development and promotion of networking and support within the local Celtic Reconstructionist (CR) community in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Important note: In order to keep the trolling level down, we are instituting a moderated membership. What this means is that you have to apply for membership in this community. If yours is a new account, a friends-locked account or you have less than 20 publicly readable posts, you must contact the community maintainers before you will be added to the community. We reserve the right to pre-emptively ban known LJ-trolls and spammers.

To quote the cr_r community's info:
"Celtic Restorationist/Reconstructionist (CR) Paganism is an attempt by many people to rebuild/restore a native Celtic paganism, without an overlay of Wicca or Christianity, while still remaining true to what we know of Celtic culture and traditions. We're trying to do this while still making it relevant to the way the world works today. For an introduction to the concepts and philosophy of CR paganism, this FAQ is an excellent resource.

"While we recognize there are other Celtic and Celtic-style traditions and paths out there, they are not topics for discussion in this forum, save for talking about how they do and do not relate to CR. We will not accept any attempts at proselytizing members of this forum to any other spiritual path."

The current maintainers are: